Platter Order

Platter:  Suggested for Celebration of Life, Afternoon/Evening appy events, Cold luncheons. 

For prices call the Branch Office at 250 754 8128

Sandwich Platter:  selection of egg, ham and cheese, turkey, salmon, roast beef on speciality breads with pickles & olives.  (15 – 20 people)
Cheese/Cracker/Pickle Platter:  selection of cheeses (soft and hard) pickles and olives, and assorted crackers including gluten free.  (10 – 15 people)
Cheese/Meat/Crackers/Pickles Platter:  selection of cheeses, meats, crackers and pickles.  (10 – 15 people)
Veggie Platter:  assorted seasonal veggies and dip.  (15 – 20 people)
Hot Appetizer Platter:  a selection of sausage rolls, samosas, egg rolls, quiche, etc.  (15 – 20 people)
Fruit Platter:  seasonal fruit.  (15 – 20 people)
Sweets Platter:  an assortment of cookies, squares, tarts and loaves.  (15 – 20 people)

Please ensure that a room has been booked and confirmed through the Rental Request Form.

Please complete the following request form and press SUBMIT.  You will be contacted by the Legion Office to confirm details.  Please note some of the boxes are “required”, without them the form will not be sent.  Thank you.